Accuracy, Reliability, & Safety
Accuracy, Reliability, & Safety


As the world leader in normobaric altitude simulation, ACT has more experience and installations than all other companies in the field combined.

ACT offers a full range of altitude simulation options and air separation technology, including membranes and pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. ACT’s award-winning altitude control system is unrivaled in its accuracy and ability to control oxygen’s partial pressure for true altitude simulation. ACT is the leading choice of research institutions worldwide, including Harvard Medical School, the University of Colorado’s Altitude Research Center, the Borgenicht Altitude Physiology Research Center at William & Mary, and the U.S Army Research Institute. ACT is the leader in safety with zero safety issues in more than 20 years of altitude simulation.

Our systems are scientific instruments designed to simulate genuine altitude with accuracy and stability. ACT developed its unique technology for accurate and stable altitude simulation and combined it with the engineering capability to customize each system for its specific application.

ACT has dramatically advanced the technology in every regard – controllers, electronics, communications, algorithms, sensors, engineering, designs, and air separation. When dealing with ACT you know that you will get an altitude system that is truly state of the art.

ACT is the only company offering:

Genuine altitude simulation – the true partial pressure of oxygen

Barometric pressure integration for true altitude

Options for multiple algorithms
Graphical displays
Dual oxygen sensors
Sensor validation
Occupancy detection
High/Low altitude simulation
Green Sense™ Technology
The West Equations
NFPA fire safety standard
Ratio Control™ for precise altitude simulation +/- 100 m
Multiple modes of operation for precise air management
Sensor Validation™ technology and automatic sensor calibration

Our team has proudly received:

2022 Colorado Companies to Watch
Hi Q Award for Innovation in Technology
Entrepreneur of the Year – Ernst and Young – Semi-Finalist
#1 Mercury 100 Award
U.S. Federal Government Small Business Innovation Research Award 2008
U.S. Federal Government Small Business Innovation Research Award 2010
U.S. Federal Government Small Business Innovation Research Awards 2012
Selection as the vendor of choice to the U.S. Federal Government and Military


The safest, most effective oxygenation systems on the planet.™

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