Fire Safe

Increasing oxygen can increase fire risk when not engineered correctly. Only ACT’s oxygenation system is approved by NFPA certified engineers to ensure complete fire safety. With ACT’s system there is no increased risk of fire.

Safe Oxygen at All Times

All air separation systems produce an oxygen depleted air which must be managed properly. ACT’s is the only system to meet the CDC’s standard for safe oxygen levels everywhere in the system, so you can feel sure of your environment in any part of the house.

Breathe Better Air

All room oxygenation systems require limiting air exchange to contain oxygen, which can make a room feel stuffy or stale. But ACT’s unique technology manages air exchange to keep the air fresh, removing stale air and providing clean fresh air that is always comfortable to breathe. ACT’s is the only technology that meets the federal government’s standard for indoor air quality. ACT systems filter the air to remove impurities. Then it is filtered again before being run through a molecular sieve. Your bedroom will have the highest quality air in the house.