Only ACT offers True Altitude Simulation

The World’s Most Advanced Altitude-Simulation Technology

ACT engineers invented the very first oxygen-controlled altitude simulation system in 1995. Since then, we’ve been constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to bring you more natural sleep, less hypoxic stress, and better energy throughout the day. All without interrupting your lifestyle, or impacting the beauty of your home.

How Altitude Simulation Technology Works

ACT’s air separation technology delivers oxygen to your room where sensors for oxygen, air quality and barometric pressure send information to ACT’s award-winning controller. The controller adjusts oxygen levels based on barometric pressure to simulate sea level; all while meeting standards for air quality and fire safety.


Our technology is based on science. It is true altitude simulation. That is why it has been chosen by more than 50 medical schools and research institutions around the world.

Not Just Oxygen

Unlike some attempts to “add oxygen” without controllers, sensors, or safety standards, ACT provides a scientifically proven system that simulates a lower altitude, increases your oxygen saturation, and allows you to sleep as well as you do at sea level. See The ACT Difference.

True Altitude Simulation

Altitude simulation requires more than putting oxygen in a room. It requires technology – sensors for barometric pressure and oxygen levels that work in conjunction with an intelligent controller based on scientific algorithms to simulate lower altitude. ACT’s is the only oxygenation system to employ this technology to scientifically reduce effective altitude.

Immediately Effective

Unlike systems that add only small amounts of oxygen and have no physiological impact, ACT’s system can reduce effective altitude by 5,000-7,000 feet to eliminate altitude sickness and restore restful sleep from the very first night.


ACT’s is the only system that meets important safety standards: CDC’s standard for safe oxygen levels, OSHA standard for indoor air quality, and National Fire Protection Association’s standard for fire safe oxygen use. ACT’s systems have a 100% safety record.

High Tech

ACT’s altitude simulation system has a full range of features including a color touch screen interface, data logging, real time graphs, remote diagnostics, automatic software updates, and beautiful graphics. It can integrate with your home’s smart systems such as Crestron or Savant, and it can all be accessed from your smart phone from anywhere in the world.

Research. Reimagine. Repeat.

ACT continues to invest in research and development each year. From this research, we’re able to reimagine and develop technology that is unlike any other introduced before. And we don’t stop there. Our team continues to pioneer tomorrow’s solutions to help people to better health at altitude.

ACT’s Altitude Control Technology vs. Ordinary Oxygen Delivery

Ordinary oxygen concentrators only deliver oxygen through a tube or cannula attached to your nose. Most people find it difficult to sleep with the noise and discomfort. ACT’s system provides natural and restful sleep at any altitude. ACT’s system is quiet, comfortable and nothing touches your body except oxygenated air.

ACT’s Technology– Proven Around the World

As the leader in altitude simulation, our proprietary technology is recognized as the gold standard in science and medicine throughout the world. ACT has been chosen by Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic, the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, and more than 50 medical schools and research institutions in 20 countries. ACT has been selected by the FAA, U.S. Naval Air Systems, the U.S. Air Force Academy, the Smithsonian Institution, and the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Training Centers.

How do we do it?