Park City Utah resides at 7,000 feet in elevation. At this altitude, there is 22% less oxygen than there is at sea level which creates complications for many looking to enjoy their time in the high country. 

The Park City area is home to 3 world-class ski resorts including Deer Valley Resort, Canyons Resort and Park City Mountain Resort. People come from all over the world to ski here in the winter, and in the summer the area is home to all sorts of activities including hiking, fishing, golf and mountain biking.

While most want to enjoy the beautiful high alpine lifestyle, many experience altitude-related issues due to the reduced oxygen in the environment. Some experience different degrees of altitude sickness, and many experience sleepless nights at altitude. What many people don’t realize is that there is a rather common form of sleep apnea that occurs at just 6,000 feet in altitude which can impair one’s ability to get restful sleep due to the lack of oxygen. 

Altitude Control Technology’s patented technology oxygenates and lowers effective altitude by up to 7,000 feet in your high-altitude home. This is accomplished with a proprietary system that ensures true simulated lower altitudes without compromising on comfort or safety for you and others around you who may suffer from chronic insomnia as well due to increased levels of carbon dioxide at higher elevations.

The company has installed more than 3 thousand systems across clients such Harvard Medical School; Smithsonian Institute (museums); US Navy Air Systems Command -West Point-, among other prestigious institutions.

Why Work with Altitude Control Technology?

Over the past 24 years, ACT has designed and engineered nearly every major altitude simulation system in America. Our customers include government and research institutions. And of course, we have installed our altitude simulation systems in homes throughout the Mountain West.

Call us at 970-239-8603. We will answer your questions, give you an estimate and explain how altitude simulation and oxygenation can help you to feel good in the mountains. We answer our phones seven days a week.

ACT’s award winning oxygen control system


ACT’s controller was developed in conjunction with the U.S. Government and made specifically for altitude simulation.

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In rooms for human use where precision, safety, and stability are essential, ACT provides the latest state of the art molecular sieve technology

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Atmospheric pressure affects the partial pressure of oxygen and altitude simulation. ACT’s barometric sensor continuously monitors atmospheric conditions.

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The safest, most effective oxygenation systems on the planet.™

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