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Altitude Control Technology Announces The Altistat™

VAIL VALLEY, COLORADO, USA, January 30, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Insomnia, headaches, and fatigue caused by high altitude don’t need to be a part of mountain living. The root of the problem is the lack of oxygen in thin mountain air, and the solution is adding oxygen to the sleeping environment. While room oxygenation is not a new concept, true altitude simulation is about more than pumping oxygen into a room. In order to safely and effectively control a simulated altitude in a mountain home, Altitude Control Technology (ACT) proudly announces its latest product: The Altistat™.

The Altistat is the first and only proprietary hardware and software combination that closely monitors, controls, and simulates a specific altitude within a room. All room oxygenation systems require limiting air exchange to contain a concentration of oxygen within the room. With simpler systems, this can make a room feel stuffy or stale, and potentially lead to unsafe conditions. In contrast, ACT’s unique technology manages air exchange, adjusts to changing conditions such as people entering or leaving the room, and keeps the air consistently fresh, safe, and comfortable to breathe.

Homeowners select altitude settings with the easy-to-use in-room touchscreen or any device with an internet connection. Altistat constantly monitors the atmospheric pressure and oxygen levels using multiple in-room sensors, allowing the system to effectively control the airflow and ensure precise settings are maintained. With this improved technology, setting a desired sleeping altitude in the bedroom is easier than ever. ACT’s quiet and unobtrusive system prepares the room for a homeowner’s arrival, and maintains safe and effective oxygen levels regardless of activity within the room. The Altistat enables ACT’s proprietary system to be the only room oxygenation system on the market that complies with NFPA, OSHA, CDC and ASHRAE standards.

The advantage to the homeowner is clear. While all this technology is tucked neatly away in a closet or mechanical room, the people in the home enjoy sleeping in a safely and effectively oxygenated environment. Just eight hours of sleeping in such a space breaks the cycle of hypoxia that leads to the insomnia, headaches, and fatigue associated with altitude. “The Altistat is the future of home oxygenation and altitude simulation,” Bill Sinclair, CEO of Altitude Control Technology, said. “All of us deserve great sleep in the mountains.”

About Altitude Control Technology

Headquartered in Vail Valley, Colorado, Altitude Control Technology (ACT) designs, develops, and installs whole-room oxygenation systems to mitigate the effects of altitude sickness, enhance sleep quality, and improve general health and wellness for homeowners, researchers, and athletes. ACT is the world’s leader in residential oxygenation systems, with over 1,000 systems installed across all major high-altitude residential and commercial locations in North America. ACT is the technology of choice for not only homeowners and builders but some of the world’s most sophisticated hotels and resorts and research institutions the world over, including Harvard Medical School, the University of Colorado’s Altitude Research Center, the Borgenicht Altitude Physiology Research Center at William & Mary, and the U.S Army Research Institute.

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