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The World Leader in Altitude Simulation

ACT is the gold standard for Home Oxygenation. Our customers include homeowners in every high altitude ski area in North America as well as respected institutions such as Harvard Medical, The Mayo Clinic, the Smithsonian and the US Military.

Experience the ACT Difference
ACT is the only home oxygenation company that provides true altitude simulation. Our system adapts to ever changing barometric pressure to ensure stable and safe levels of oxygen.

NFPA and OSHA Compliant
ACT is the only company who complies with the National Fire Protection Association for safe levels of oxygen (their equation for safe oxygen includes a variable for atmospheric pressure, if you don’t have a barometric pressure sensor you do not comply with their regulations). We’ve had independent fire and safety consultants verify our claims which can be provided as necessary. We also comply with OSHA limits for safe levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide (again if you don’t measure CO2 levels, you cannot comply with OSHAs standards).

Right Here in Colorado
We have an extensive network of technicians throughout mountain areas to service our clients in a timely fashion as well as our operations headquarters located in Edwards, CO.

Built to Last
Our system is built to last. Our air units will last for 10,000-12,000 hours and our system typically takes 2-4 hours to reach its target altitude.

While there may be less expensive options, there is no other company that has the same experience, sophisticated technology to provide true altitude simulation and meets safety requirements, scientific validation, and long lasting equipment. Settling for anything else is nothing more than an expensive placebo.

The World’s Most Advanced Altitude-Simulation Technology

Did you know ACT invented the very first normobaric altitude simulation system in 1995? Since then, we’ve been constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation to bring clients more natural sleep, less hypoxic stress, and better energy throughout the day. All without interrupting their lifestyle, or impacting the beauty of their home.

ACT Technology
Breathe Better Air All bedroom oxygenation systems require limiting air exchange to contain oxygen, which can make a room feel stuffy or stale. But ACT’s unique technology manages air exchange to keep the air fresh. The result removes stale air providing clean fresh air that is always comfortable to breathe. ACT’s is the only technology that meets or exceeds the federal government’s OSHA standard for indoor air quality.

Be Fire Safe Increasing oxygen can increase fire risk when not done correctly. Only ACT utilizes systems approved by NFPA certified engineers to ensure complete fire safety in oxygenated rooms. ACT’s is the only system to meet NFPA’s standard for fire safety and comply with all local fire regulations. With ACT’s system there is no increase in fire risk.

Safe Oxygen at All Times ACT’s is the only system to meet the CDC’s standard for safe oxygen levels everywhere in the system, so you can feel sure of your environment in any part of the house.

Scientific True altitude simulation requires sensors for both oxygen and barometric pressure in conjunction with an intelligent controller that simulates true altitude. ACT’s is the only system to employ this technology to scientifically reduce effective altitude.

Effective Unlike systems that add only small amounts of oxygen and have no impact on the body’s oxygen saturations, ACT’s system can reduce effective altitude by 5,000-7,000 feet to restore restful sleep and eliminate altitude sickness.

High Tech ACT’s altitude simulation system has a full range of features including a color touch screen interface, data logging, real time graphs, remote diagnostics, automatic software updates, and beautiful graphics. It can integrate with the home’s smart systems such as Crestron or Savant, and it can all be accessed from your smart phone from anywhere in the world.

The safest, most effective oxygenation systems on the planet.™

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