Colorado Real Estate Journal Article Highlights ACT

It was only two years ago that hotels were closing their doors and laying off entire staffs. At the time, it appeared the hospitality industry would never recover, but in fact, Americans are now eager to travel and many hotel brands have completely different worries: too many customers and not enough staff, and tons of competition from new builds and new brands.

To differentiate the guest experience and be more efficient with leaner staffs, hotels are starting to think through new high-tech options.

This article in Colorado Real Estate Journal explores some of the modern tech tools hotels are implementing, including altitude control systems in guest rooms to give guests a better night’s sleep.


Hospitality, particularly in luxury destinations, continues to focus on elevating the guest experience and differentiating not on price or location, but amenities. Altitude Control Technology is working closely with some of the world’s leading hotel brands to implement systems that will give their guests a whole new sleep and wellness experience.