ACT Aligns with Harris-Dudley Plumbing & Heating Company

EDWARDS, CO – March 24, 2020 – Altitude Control Technology, the leading provider of altitude simulation in mountain homes and luxury hotels, announced today their association with Harris-Dudley Plumbing & Heating Company. Altitude Control Technologies’ award-winning system increases and regulates the oxygen levels in high altitude mountain homes to simulate a lower altitude, improve sleep, and eliminate altitude sickness. Both parties signed an agreement to have the experienced team at Harris-Dudley installs oxygen control systems in Park City, Deer Valley, Powder Mountain, and the Salt Lake City, Utah areas.

Harris-Dudley Plumbing & Heating Company offers extensive experience working with homeowners dating back to 1931. Harris-Dudley is one of the leading mechanical contractors for high-end custom homes in the Wasatch Front and Back areas. They specialize in the installation, repair, and replacement of plumbing, radiant floor heating, snow-melting, forced air heating, and air conditioning, and now they can provide ACT’s oxygenation systems as well.

“The Park City, Deer Valley, and Powder Mountain areas will be served by Harris-Dudley Plumbing for homeowners living at altitude who want to lower altitude in their luxury home so that they can enjoy their mountain lifestyle,” said Larry Kutt, CEO of Altitude Control Technology. “We are pleased to be associated with Harris-Dudley Plumbing & Heating who will provide excellent customer service and homeowner relations for the ACT system throughout the State of Utah,” he continued.

Harris-Dudley Plumbing & Heating Company owner’s, Mike and Bob Dudley, are excited to offer a new product line to their customers that will help them enjoy the mountain areas without the problems associated with altitude transition. Many people travel to the mountains of Utah from sea level areas and have trouble acclimating. They try to enjoy hiking, skiing, biking and other activities but just feel well. They also have trouble sleeping at night. The ACT system gives them a way to sleep with oxygen levels similar to what they are used to which reduces or eliminates altitude-related symptoms,” commented Bob Dudley. “The Altitude Control Technology system seems to be a natural fit with our company,” noted Mike Dudley. “We work on mechanical systems, in high end Utah homes. ACT systems are going in the same type of home we are currently building or servicing. These are the same customers who want a way to alleviate altitude sickness and enjoy their time here,” he added.


Altitude Control Technology clients include Harvard Medical School, University of Colorado Altitude Research Center, US Naval Air Systems Command, US Air Force Academy, Nike, the FAA, Smithsonian Institute, Olympic Training Centers in 14 countries, and more than 50 medical schools and research institutes. We are in the business of helping you feel good so that you can live the mountain lifestyle.

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