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Altitude Control Technologies Lunch & Learn

Wednesday, March 10, 12:00 PM (MST)


Join us for a “lunch & learn” at noon (MST) on Wednesday, March 10th. Our special guest speaker is Dr. Andrew Subudhi. Andy is an expert in altitude sickness and the effects of altitude on sleep. Bring your questions and learn the best ways to address altitude sickness and altitude-related insomnia.

You’ll learn about ACT’s technology and how we work with your team to provide you with an oxygenation system.

“Imagine how you’ll feel tomorrow after sleeping in an oxygenated room tonight ™.

More Information

Dr. Andrew Subudhi is the Department Chair and Professor of Human Physiology and Nutrition at UCCS. He is also a principal researcher at CU’s Altitude Research Center.

Altitude Control Technologies is the leader in high-altitude room oxygenation systems.

  • Our system is effective. It’s used by the FAA, the U.S. Army, Harvard Medical School, the Smithsonian Institute, and research labs around the world.
  • Our system is safe. Every ACT system meets three necessary engineering standards: CDC’s standard for safe oxygen levels, OSHA’s standard for air quality, and NFPA’s standard for fire safety.
  • Our system is unique. ACT’s exclusive technology is the product of 24 years of research and development.


For more information about Altitude Control Technology please visit our website.